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As summer unfolds with its sunny days and warm breezes, it’s the perfect time to indulge in outdoor activities and create lasting memories with loved ones. Pavilion Gift Company offers a range of products designed to enhance these experiences, making your summer adventures even more enjoyable. Whether you're spending time at the lake, beach, camp, river, or on a boat, Pavilion has something special for you. 

There's nothing quite like spending a serene day by the lake, surrounded by nature and the calming sounds of water lapping against the shore. Our collection of lake items help to capture the essence of this tranquil setting.

  • Lake-Themed Frames: Capture your favorite lake memories in beautifully crafted picture frames. These frames, adorned with lake-inspired designs, are perfect for showcasing photos of your family, friends, and the breathtaking lake views.
  • Wall Mount Bottle Opener: Keep your lake house organized with a wall mount bottle opener. This unique and functional item is perfect for collecting bottle caps from your summer drinks, adding a rustic charm to your lake house decor.

Summer and the beach go hand-in-hand, and Pavilion offers delightful products to make your beach outings even more special. Our collection is perfect for those who love the sand, surf, and sun.

  • Beach Tote Bag: Carry all your essentials in a convenient and stylish drawstring bag. These bags are lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for packing your towel, sunscreen, and snacks. The drawstring design makes it easy to open and close, and they come in a variety of beach-inspired designs that add a touch of fun to your beach day.
  • Beach-Themed Mug: Start your beach day with a hot coffee or tea in a beach-themed mug. These beautifully crafted mugs feature ocean-inspired designs, making them a perfect way to bring a bit of the beach vibe into your morning routine. They’re also great for enjoying a warm beverage during a cool evening by the shore.

Camping trips are an excellent way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature. Our camping products bring comfort and convenience to your outdoor adventures.

  • Camping hat: Protect yourself from the sun with a stylish and practical camping hat. Pavilion Gift Company offers hats that are perfect for keeping cool and shaded during your outdoor activities. With designs that celebrate the spirit of adventure, these hats are both functional and fashionable, making them an essential item for any camper.
  • Royal Plush Blanket: As the evening chill sets in, wrap yourself in a soft, lake-themed throw blanket. Perfect for stargazing or sharing stories by a campfire.

Spending a day by the river, whether for fishing, kayaking, or simply enjoying the flowing water, can be incredibly rejuvenating. Our river-themed items are designed to enhance these peaceful moments.

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Stay hydrated with our stainless steel water bottles that keep your drinks cold for hours. Choose from a variety of designs that celebrate the beauty of rivers and nature.
  • Leather Keyring & Wallet Set: Keep your essentials stylishly organized with a leather keyring and wallet set. Perfect for river outings, these durable and elegant accessories ensure that your keys and cards are securely stored while you enjoy your time by the water.

Whether you're sailing the open seas or enjoying a leisurely day on a pontoon, boating is one of the quintessential summer activities. Our nautical products add a touch of elegance and fun to your boating experience.

  • Boat-Ready Tumblers: Sip your favorite beverages from insulated tumblers that are perfect for the boat. They keep drinks at the right temperature and feature nautical designs.
  • Canvas Dog Toys:  Don’t forget about your furry friends! Pavilion Gift Company offers boat-themed dog toys that are perfect for your canine companion.


The summer months are a time to embrace the outdoors and create unforgettable memories. Pavilion Gift Company offers a wide range of products that not only make these moments more enjoyable but also add a touch of personal style to your adventures. Whether you’re relaxing by the lake, basking on the beach, camping in the woods, enjoying a riverside retreat, or cruising on a boat, Pavilion Gift Company has something special for you. So, gear up, head outside, and make the most of this beautiful season with Pavilion Gift Company by your side.

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